Westchester County Premise Liability Attorney

The attorneys at Yankwitt LLP, defend clients against premise liability claims. Our clients in these matters include restaurants, commercial landlords, and other small and medium-sized companies. We have a record of accomplishment on behalf of clients at trial and in settlement negotiations.

Thorough Preparation Is Key to Our Success

Our attorneys are known for their mastery of the details of each case and their ability to identify weaknesses in the plaintiff's argument that can benefit our client. We often use the results of our analysis to seek a favorable outcome during settlement talks. However, as trial lawyers, we are always prepared to try the matter when a plaintiff is unwilling to settle. Our New York lawyers have succeeded in minimizing our clients' liability and their financial exposure, whether the case was tried or was resolved at the negotiation table.

Examples of Our Premise Liability Cases

Our premise liability cases include:

  • Slip-and-fall claims in restaurants, and on commercial, private and public property.
  • Negligent maintenance alleged to have caused serious injuries.
  • Inadequate security claims involving parking lots, apartment building entrances, hotel lobbies and other commercial operations.
  • Food-borne illness claims in restaurants, hotels and other establishments.

When our attorneys defend a client against a premise liability claim, they investigate all the issues that may affect the outcome of the case. These may include liability, insurance coverage, property ownership, the plaintiff's medical records and plaintiff's negligence. Our willingness to conduct this type of analysis often makes the difference between a large award and a settlement that is far less than requested by the plaintiff. Outcomes such as these allow our business clients to continue their operations with little or no interruption.

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