Strong Defense In Health Care Fraud Cases

Our White Plains, New York, law firm has a special focus on health care fraud defense, partly because one of our partners was formerly a health care investigator. Knowing how the other side operates is key to providing a robust defense against health care fraud charges.

Thorough Preparation: Key to a Strong Defense

The defense lawyers at Yankwitt LLP, are known for their thorough preparation and strong advocacy. We identify weaknesses in the prosecution's argument and explore the validity of the evidence, often using investigators and forensic accountants to develop a strong defense. Our approach to defense work often encourages the other side to offer a fair settlement rather than face our attorneys at trial.

However, if the prosecution is unwilling to make an appropriate offer, our lawyers are ready to proceed to trial. Because we are skilled and experienced courtroom advocates, we are frequently able to obtain not-guilty verdicts or reduced penalties for our clients. Moreover, we are oftentimes able to negotiate with the prosecution before trial, obtaining reduced charges or dismissals.

Examples of Our Health Care Fraud Cases

As former federal prosecutors, we know how criminal courts operate and use this knowledge to defend clients charged with or being investigated for health care fraud. Our attorneys advocate for clients in cases involving allegations of:

  • Fraudulent billing of Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Veteran's Affairs, and other federal and state agencies that provide medical benefit programs.
  • Billing for similar but more expensive services than those actually provided.
  • Fraudulent prescriptions.
  • Providing unnecessary services.
  • Kickbacks to doctors, laboratory services, and other medical providers.

Seeking Favorable Outcomes for Each Client

We represent clients such as hospitals, clinics, individual physicians, pharmacists, providers of durable medical equipment and others in the health care industry. The stakes are high for clients like these and can include large fines, restitution, license revocation and even prison time. This makes it critical to have attorneys committed to seeking the most favorable outcome possible in cases involving Medicare and Medicaid fraud and other types of health care fraud.

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