Alternative Dispute Resolution

The rising cost of litigation and increased pressure to control legal budgets has made alternative dispute resolution (ADR) a desirable way to resolve certain legal disputes. ADR, however, is not a one-size-fits-all solution to mitigate the expense of litigation. At Yankwitt LLP, our alternative dispute resolution practice has two principal components: arbitration and mediation. We represent our corporate and individual clients in both forums in matters of all kinds, including contract disputes, business divorces, shareholder rights litigation, premises liability suits, and employment matters. We regularly appear before the leading arbitration and mediation forums, including JAMS, NAM, the American Arbitration Association, and FINRA. Our decades of prosecutorial and big-firm experience make us intimately familiar with a broad range of arbitrators and mediators, enabling us to choose the best arbitrator or mediator for each dispute.

For our plaintiff-side clients, we may decide that mediation or arbitration is the most cost-effective and efficient mechanism to resolve a dispute, or a particular agreement may require arbitration. On the defense side, we may try to dismiss ongoing litigation in favor of non-binding mediation or binding arbitration before incurring trial costs. Whatever path leads us to the arbitral tribunal, once we get there, Yankwitt LLP draws on the strength of one of the largest litigation teams in Westchester County, fueled by seasoned trial attorneys who honed their skills at the most prestigious New York City law firms and the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

In all cases, we continually evaluate the prospects for successful mediation, where our attorneys can utilize their aggressive negotiating skills and creative problem solving to structure the best possible settlements for our clients. We also leverage our reputation as exceptional trial attorneys to push adversaries to settle cases and avoid the potentially costly risk of trial.

Whatever the ADR forum – arbitration or mediation – at Yankwitt LLP, our Westchester-based attorneys listen carefully to our clients’ needs and chart unique litigation strategies for each matter that will yield optimal, cost-effective results. We emphasize smart, lean staffing and cost-effective litigation strategies, and we strive to minimize our clients’ concerns with honesty, transparency, and open and frequent communication.