Shareholder Disputes

Yankwitt LLP represents corporations, limited liability companies, and partnerships as well as their constituent members in shareholder derivative litigation and business divorces. Often involving disputes between family members or longtime friends, these conflicts can be extremely personal and contentious.

At Yankwitt LLP, we understand and are sensitive to the emotional and financial strain created by these conflicts and invest resources into building close, trusting relationships with our clients that will see them through these difficult times. We always listen to our clients’ concerns and consider them as we work together to develop litigation strategies that optimize their desired outcome.

Shareholder disputes are inherently complex, requiring the simultaneous application of contract law, fraud and tort claims, and equitable relief. Our seasoned litigators draw on their collective experience at leading New York City law firms, as federal prosecutors, and as former federal law clerks to continually explore creative resolutions to these conflicts that enable our clients to successfully emerge from the litigation on their terms. In these cases, we frequently pursue alternative dispute resolution mechanisms and have obtained great success at court-sanctioned settlement conferences, mediations, and binding arbitrations.

If settlement is not possible, we stand ready to take cases to trial. In fact, we routinely try more cases than most law firms in Westchester County. With a reputation as fierce trial lawyers, we are able to optimize outcomes in the most cost-effective manner possible. We focus on targeted and streamlined discovery practices, with an emphasis on dispositive motion practice, with the goal of achieving resolutions that are in our clients’ best interest.

No matter which path is chosen for our clients’ shareholder disputes, Yankwitt LLP always emphasizes smart, lean staffing and cost-effective litigation strategies, and strives to foster attorney-client relationships founded on honesty, transparency, and open and frequent communication.