Professional Liability

Industries that require professionals to provide advice and counsel, such as law and accounting, are especially vulnerable to malpractice claims. Accordingly, it is imperative that these practitioners and their firms retain an attorney who understands the regulatory landscape of their professions and the venues where these cases are heard. At Yankwitt LLP our attorneys are experienced at representing individuals and businesses, specifically in the legal and accounting sectors, in professional liability claims before the courts, regulatory bodies, and in arbitrations and mediations.

Yankwitt LLP’s New York-based attorneys are especially familiar with the issues with which accounting, and law firms and their practitioners are confronted and have represented firms and individuals on both sides of these malpractice matters.

Yankwitt LLP attorneys are seasoned litigators, aggressive trial lawyers and creative problem solvers, who utilize their collective experience to achieve optimal results for our clients. Four out of five of our New York partners were federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York. Our experience investigating and uncovering vital information leads to compelling arguments for our aggrieved clients, who were victims of professional malpractice or our corporate defendants that were wrongly accused of professional malpractice. That, coupled with our reputation as lawyers ready to take cases to trial, frequently encourages our adversaries to engage in pre-trial negotiations and offer settlements to eliminate the need of a long, costly trial that might not conclude in their favor.

When Yankwitt LLP is brought into a defensive professional liability case and retained at the early investigatory stages, our attorneys often succeed at persuading the state not to bring charges against our clients. Early involvement and careful preparation are essential to good results.

No matter which path we choose, Yankwitt LLP always emphasizes smart, lean staffing and cost-effective litigation strategies, and strives to foster attorney-client relationships founded on honesty, transparency, and open and frequent communication.