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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused widespread disruption to the global economy and businesses of all kinds. Navigating the multitude of legal issues that have emerged in this new environment demands creative legal thinking and aggressive advocacy: Maximizing financial recovery for both plaintiffs and defendants will require lawyers to develop and pursue novel legal theories with tenacity and sophisticated intellect. Yankwitt LLP is prepared to handle claims that involve:

  • Contract Performance
  • Commercial Lease Compliance
  • Business Interruption and Other Insurance Coverage
  • Labor Law and OSHA Compliance
  • Employment Issues (Furloughs, Mass Layoffs, Severance Negotiations)

As a litigation-only firm, we are ready for the expected increase in litigations and arbitrations arising from the pandemic, including breach of contract and lease claims, insurance coverage actions, employment and labor litigation, and defense of premises liability claims from employees, customers and vendors. We are continuously monitoring legislative developments at the local and federal levels for laws limiting our clients’ potential liability or codifying potential defenses.

Our decades of experience counseling businesses in the hospitality, manufacturing, retail, pharmaceutical, real estate, financial and professional services firms enable us to quickly identify the optimal strategy for each client and adopt the preferred litigation strategy – be it mediation, arbitration, or trial. As creative problem solvers, we are prepared to advocate for our clients both affirmative and defensive litigation in this evolving legal landscape.

Yankwitt LLP is available to assist both plaintiffs and defendants in disputes throughout New York and New Jersey. We are here for you during this difficult time and look forward to helping you emerge stronger and more secure.