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Yankwitt LLP counsels and represents employees and other individuals across a broad range of industries in qui tam litigation on behalf of the United States and state governments. According to a recent study, more than 50 percent of employees report having witnessed fraud or misconduct at work. When corporations that do business with the government engage in fraud, corruption, or other illegal conduct, they may be prosecuted under federal and state False Claims Acts. If these employees or others with knowledge of the fraud come forward to report it, they may be entitled to compensation by the government if the company pays a settlement or judgment to the government. The U.S. Department of Justice frequently refers to the federal False Claims Act as one of its “most powerful tools” and has stated that whistleblowers play a “vital role in unmasking fraudulent schemes that might otherwise evade detection.”

Our attorneys have extensive experience litigating under federal and state False Claims Acts and other whistleblower statutes. Having honed their skills at the U.S. Attorney’s Office and in the highest levels of state government, Yankwitt LLP’s lawyers are intimately familiar with the applicable law and uniquely positioned to analyze and present each whistleblower case in the best light to maximize the chances of government intervention. Once the government decides to intervene in our matters, we advocate aggressively and successfully on behalf of our clients to achieve the greatest possible whistleblower award. As a result of our tireless efforts, since 2014, we have assisted the United States and the State of New York in recovering more than $100 million.