About Us

Yankwitt LLP is an elite trial and litigation firm, located in White Plains, New York. Our lawyers are prominent members of the Westchester and New York City Bars, who utilize their vast experience to produce exceptional outcomes for our clients.

At Yankwitt LLP, we listen to our clients and design a unique litigation strategy for each matter that will best serve the client's needs and interests. We are aggressive trial lawyers who stand willing to try all types of cases in both federal and state courts. At the same time, we advise our clients when it is wiser and more economical to resolve claims before trial, identify the optimum point at which to resolve a matter and then tirelessly pursue the most favorable settlement possible.

Our firm is led by Russell Yankwitt, a former federal law clerk, big firm litigator and an Assistant United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York. Russell is the Chair of the Federal Bar Council's Westchester Committee, and this year was named one of Super Lawyer's top 25 lawyers in Westchester. Indeed, all of our New York lawyers are former federal law clerks (in both the district and circuit courts) or prosecutors or both.

We represent high net worth individuals and businesses as both plaintiffs and defendants in commercial disputes of all kinds. In addition, as both counselors and litigators, we guide our clients through a broad range of corporate issues to try to avoid litigation, but when necessary stand ready to assist with contract disputes, shareholder disputes, employment litigation, accounting and legal malpractice, as well as all types of government investigations. We also serve as general counsel for several White Plains, New York City, and national businesses. At Yankwitt LLP, all of our clients receive New York City trained and seasoned litigators at Westchester prices.