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We believe our clients are special, so we treat them in a special way. Great results can occur when a mutually respectful attorney-client relationship is forged at the outset. Frequent and candid communication is the key to ensuring that the client’s objectives are understood, and a strategy to achieve them is created. Our clients range from national restaurant chains to single-store owners down the block to high-net-worth individuals in the tri-state area. We represent individuals and institutions, partnerships and corporations, as well as family businesses. All of our clients are held in equal esteem.

The highest compliment is when our clients refer their friends, family and business partners to us, and this has been the cornerstone of our success. We cherish these relationships and value the start of new ones.

We pride ourselves on being willing to think creatively, constructively, and effortlessly to fulfill and exceed our clients’ needs and expectations. Many of our clients have become close friends with attorneys in our firm as a result of the special bond created by years of reliability, integrity and achievement. We consider trust and mutual respect to be the hallmark of a successful attorney-client relationship.

Some of our representative clients are listed below:

  • ACE Endico Corporation
  • Ameresco, Inc.
  • Brooks Provisions
  • Christie’s
  • City of Rye Board of Ethics
  • Gerald Morris
  • Hillstone Restaurant Group
  • Hunter Point Capital
  • JCC of Mid-Westchester
  • Landry’s, Inc.
  • Mavis Tire Supply
  • Million Air
  • Morano Group Corporation
  • New York Blood Center
  • New York Power Authority
  • PKF O’Connor Davies
  • Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  • Special Advertising Association of Greater NY
  • Star CIO LLC
  • Stephen Baldwin
  • The Brookhill Group
  • Topspin Partners LBO
  • Triboro Quilt Manufacturing Corp.
  • Trustees of Columbia University
  • Walgreens
  • WNW Management LLC