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The attorneys at Yankwitt LLP are skilled appellate practice lawyers experienced in both state and federal appellate courts. With their sophisticated understanding of the law and creative approach to legal problems, our appellate practice attorneys are able to analyze a trial court record, identify any and all grounds to appeal an adverse decision or affirm a favorable one and formulate the most effective plan of attack. Through our attorneys’ top-notch legal writing and persuasive oral advocacy, skills they honed as law clerks to federal circuit and district court judges and as former federal prosecutors, Yankwitt LLP’s appellate team has taken on our clients’ toughest, high-stakes appeals — and prevailed.

About Our Appellate Practice Attorneys

Our highly credentialed appellate team is led by a former Deputy Chief of the United States Attorneys’ Office for the Southern District of New York, White Plains Division and Second Circuit clerk, a former Acting and Deputy Appellate Chief of the Civil Division for Southern District of New York, and a former Big Law attorney and Third Circuit clerk, who among them have decades of experience briefing and arguing appeals. They are supported by a roster of senior attorneys with decades of appellate practice, who clerked for federal judges and trained as litigators at leading national and New York City law firms.

We also work with clients on the optimal billing structure for each appellate engagement through an hourly or flat-fee arrangement. Whether we are appealing decisions in our cases or stepping in as appellate counsel, our clients can rest assured that Yankwitt LLP’s appellate team will deliver best-in-class representation.