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Yankwitt LLP is a powerful advocate for the Legal Services of the Hudson Valley in many ways, providing financial support, service on our board, and representing LSHV as pro bono counsel.  Yankwitt LLP’s recent advocacy for LSHV in an Orange County-based litigation exemplifies their tireless efforts.  The firm’s motion to dismiss was so persuasive that the plaintiff withdrew the case entirely. Thank you, Team Yankwitt!! 


 - Rachel Halperin, CEO, Legal Services of the Hudson Valley

Russell, you have an amazing team, and I am so grateful for the work you and Cassandra did on my case. Winning all our motions and having the court order that the plaintiffs were not entitled to any money restored my faith in the legal system.

- D. Cannon

Yankwitt LLP has earned its reputation as Westchester’s go-to law firm for high-stakes bet- the-company litigation. Not only do they achieve outstanding results for their clients, but Russ and his team are known throughout the bar and judiciary as leaders in the legal and greater Westchester communities. I recommend Yankwitt LLP to my clients in need of counsel related to commercial or civil litigation.

- Chris Mangold, Esq.

What your firm achieved over the past year is remarkable and a major testament to your vision and leadership. I will forever be grateful for the friendship and professional service you provided our family. You were exceptionally generous with your time, empathy, guidance, and wisdom. Our experience says a lot about who you are as both a person and an attorney. Thank you!

- Anonymous

Yankwitt LLP is one the finest firms I have had the privilege of working with. As the lawyer for a nonprofit, I can professionally say that our Yankwitt LLP attorneys drafted a strong brief and equally compelling motion. Not only did the firm successfully get our case dismissed in the lower court and appellate courts, but they did so at the earliest possible stage in the case, drastically minimizing our legal costs, which is crucial to our financial health. They did a phenomenal job, and I wouldn’t hesitate to hire them again. 

- Keith Labis, Esq.

I made a great decision when I called Yankwitt LLP, and I appreciate Russell accepting me and guiding me through the process. Russell and his firm are definitely a cut above the rest, and I am deeply grateful for their help!!!!!!!!

- Steven Bacetti

Yankwitt LLP is hands down the premier boutique litigation firm in the White Plains/Westchester area. The attorneys are top-notch, experienced litigators with stellar credentials and the level of service that they provide is commensurate with their level of expertise. They run their teams efficiently and provide thorough and thoughtful advice. Yankwitt LLP is our go-to local firm. I highly recommend them!

- Anonymous

Yankwitt LLP has and continues to provide excellent and cost-effective representation in a broad array of areas involving premises liability, wage & hour, and employment-related matters. They are aggressive and solution-oriented. We are very fortunate to have them in our corner.

- W. Glenn Viers, Hillstone Restaurant Group

Yankwitt LLP has a highly competent, professional team.

- Anonymous

Russell Yankwitt is an excellent and very well-prepared litigator. He is strategic and assertive, and he is a force in the courtroom and at the negotiating table.

- Lisa Zeiderman

Yankwitt LLP was, without a doubt, the right law firm to handle our complex and emotionally charged familial business dispute. Russell and his team hired accounting experts, who worked with them to uncover the information we needed to support a strong defense, and they were spot on when they suggested we try to resolve the dispute in mediation. They also were sincerely empathetic to the emotional component of our case. In the end, we could not have been more pleased with the final settlement, which was significantly lower than what we initially expected, and which resolved a painful chapter in our lives and brought us peace of mind.”

- Anonymous

“I dread the day I have to oppose your firm on a case. You guys have a reputation for being tough!

- Prominent Westchester Personal Injury Attorney

Yankwitt LLP attorneys are acutely skilled at formulating effective defense and negotiating strategies that yield impressive settlements time and time again. As an in-house lawyer, I am regularly impressed with their keen legal minds and no-holds-bar approach to litigation.

– Jared Scruggs, Landry's LLC

Over the past decade, Yankwitt LLP has become our go-to litigation firm for all of our defense work in the northeast. We went from using approximately 40 different law firms to one, drastically simplifying our docket management and reducing litigation costs. Yankwitt LLP’s attention to client service with 24/7 availability and unparalleled responsiveness helps us focus on running our business instead of focusing on our litigations.

– Keith Bayko, Landry's LLC

I am a longtime law professor, published author on the legal system, a former Wall Street lawyer, and a former federal law clerk. When it comes to law firms, I know how to assess the quality of the work, the professionalism of the lawyers, and the ethos of the law firm culture. I have been observing the Yankwitt firm for a number of years now, and they have even handled a matter for me. I must say that it is really a superstar boutique outfit, offering the skill set of a Wall Street firm without the bureaucratic overhead and at a much more manageable cost. What the client receives is legal representation with greater agility and teamwork — think of a small law firm that practices like Navy Seals, with a hands-on attorney-client experience. They are, to my mind, far and away the best law firm north of Manhattan. And in these days of “virtual” law firm practice, it almost makes no sense to retain a large Wall Street firm with Yankwitt virtually in New York City. I have been especially impressed with the overall quality of lawyering. It seems as though almost all of their attorneys are former federal prosecutors and federal law clerks — each capable of both trial and appellate work. I have personally observed their written work and courtroom facility, and it is singular and first among equals. It is not possible to give them a higher recommendation.

– Thane Rosenbaum

There are no words to express the appreciation we have for the team at Yankwitt LLP. We hired Yankwitt LLP to represent us as a result of a unspeakable family tragedy. Our attorneys were incredibly empathic, sensitive, and patient with us, which made an untenable situation manageable. Everyone we worked with was professional and caring, but they also aggressively pursued a meaningful resolution to our case. We will always be thankful that we hired Russell and his team to assist us during the most difficult time in our lives.

– Sincerely Sueann & Ed McElroy

I am incredibly thankful for the representation I received from Michael Reed and the entire team at Yankwitt LLP. Mike guided me through the litigation process and explained things to me in a way that I could understand. I am extremely happy with the result and would not hesitate to hire them again or recommend them to my friends and family.

– Employee, Severance Negotiation

Russell and his team at Yankwitt LLP have represented me and my company several times. Each time without fail, they provide legal strategies that resolve my litigation in the most efficient, cost-effective ways that keep me whole and enable me to continue running a successful business. To me, Russell Yankwitt and his colleagues at Yankwitt LLP are superheroes who swoop in to save the day.  I cannot thank them enough for everything they have done for me and my business. 

– Perry Verrone, Perry’s Roofing

Russell and his team ended a seven-year nightmare for me when they took over the representation of a group of corporate directors, including myself, who were named as defendants in a long-pending federal litigation. They used their legal expertise, aggressive advocacy, and strategic thinking to finally resolve it.  Through tremendous effort, terrific lawyering, sound judgment and patience, they were able to resolve the litigation from a position of strength, protect my interests and achieve a result I never thought possible.   Russell is a polished, aggressive, knowledgeable, and confident leader, and Yankwitt LLP has all the attributes needed to remain a first-tier litigation firm for decades.  Today, I feel tremendous relief and know that my confidence in Russell and his team, which I felt from our first meeting, was more than justified.

- Alan Pearce, Former Director, Hebrew Hospital Senior Housing, Inc.

The Yankwitt LLP team outperformed my greatest expectations and took a huge load off of my mind by resolving a federal litigation that was filed against me.  By the time I retained the Yankwitt team, the litigation had already been pending for years and was on the verge of a high-stakes, stressful trial.  Russell, Ben and Alicia worked tirelessly to master the facts and complex legal issues and mounted a powerful and aggressive defense on my behalf.  Their multi-faceted and carefully coordinated efforts set the stage for a successful mediation, and Russell’s negotiating skills were unmatched and simply extraordinary.  I am very grateful to Russell, Ben and Alicia that this litigation is now behind me. 

- Charles Goldberger, Former Director, Hebrew Hospital Senior Housing, Inc.

It was truly a pleasure working with Russell and Alicia.  They went above and beyond to earn my trust and to keep me apprised and involved at every step of my case.  Russell and Alicia kept my ultimate goals in mind and provided me with sound counsel and support that demonstrated the integrity and professionalism I have always expected of lawyers.

- Kyung Kyu Lim, Jeung San Do of America, Inc.

While I would have preferred not to have to hire an attorney to reach a fair settlement with my former employer after being laid off, Yankwitt LLP was recommended to me by another attorney, and I am so happy to have received the recommendation. Working with Mike Reed has been a pleasure. He is approachable, knowledgeable and infinitely patient with his clients. He knows how to push his legal adversaries without creating a rancorous atmosphere that might be detrimental to negotiating a settlement. Impressively, Mike puts the client first. He recommended when to settle so that I received a fair payout without incurring additional legal fees. I have worked with many lawyers throughout my professional career. I can honestly say that I would prefer to work with Mike on any future legal matters.

- An Educational Administrator

The attorneys at Yankwitt LLP gave me my life back. More than two years ago, I was sued for wrongful death and accused of selling a defective used car to a woman who died in a car accident. In fact, I did not sell a car to her and had never even met her. Needless to say, this was incredibly stressful and painful and took a serious toll on me and my family. From my first meeting with the attorneys at Yankwitt LLP, I knew that I was in the right hands. They honored my belief in God and the power of prayer. Through their ingenious investigative work and unending tenacity, they not only proved that I had not sold the car, but they also found the person who did and who had forged my name on the sales documents. Armed with this information and through their skillful advocacy, Yankwitt LLP persuaded the judge to dismiss the case against me. I cannot thank Yankwitt LLP enough for believing in me, fighting for me and allowing me to put this two-year nightmare behind me. It is blissful to sleep through the night again and have peace of mind.

- G. Fedigan

There is no doubt that hiring Yankwitt LLP to represent us was an excellent decision, maybe one of our best. I was suing the property manager of an apartment building I owned for embezzling funds. After another firm had litigated the case for years without resolving it or bringing it to trial, we retained Yankwitt LLP in 2019 to represent us. Yankwitt LLP was able to get discovery reopened, which helped our case for trial and obtained a very favorable settlement on the eve of trial, just as we had sought. We not only avoided the time and expense of a trial, but we were awarded more than a million dollars as part of a favorable resolution. The attorneys at Yankwitt LLP were aggressive but professional. They got the job done, and we can’t thank them enough.

- J. Nelson

From the moment I spoke with the lawyers at Yankwitt LLP, I knew I had found my legal dream team. Russell Yankwitt and Cassandra Vogel are exceptional litigators – smart, tough, and tremendously talented. They have the unique ability to zero in on the critical facts and legal arguments necessary to succeed at each stage of a litigation while simultaneously keeping an eye on the prize and maintaining focus on the end game. And it certainly does not hurt that their familiarity with the Westchester courts – and, in my case, the federal bench – is unparalleled. My relationship with every attorney at the firm has been wonderful. Each has devoted countless hours – at all times of day and night, and on weekends – and an attentive ear to speaking with me about the various issues in my case. They always listen carefully and respond thoughtfully. It is abundantly clear that I am not just another matter on Yankwitt’s long list of cases. My lawyers care greatly about me, my personal well-being and about securing the outcome that will make me happy on my terms. Considering I am embroiled in an acrimonious family dispute, the knowledge that Yankwitt LLP has my back is greatly comforting. And the proof is in the pudding as they say. Yankwitt has achieved consistently outstanding results to date and I have complete confidence that they will continue to do so. Finally, while litigation is never free, Yankwitt’s rates have been the most reasonable of any firm with which I have worked. There is no churning, no unnecessary duplication of effort and no padding. Just exceptional legal services at a fair price. I give them five stars and my highest possible recommendation. If you need litigation help, Yankwitt LLP should be your first call.

- Anonymous

I was referred to Yankwitt LLP by five separate, experienced attorneys who believed Yankwitt LLP was the best firm to handle my employment related lawsuit. From the initial contact, the attorneys at Yankwitt were incredibly efficient, highly focused, direct and always on target. They laid out my options succinctly and clearly, and responded promptly and thoroughly via phone or email to any questions or concerns. They were always mindful of how expensive the legal process could be and made every effort to contain costs. I was kept fully informed as to the progress of the case without being burdened with endless details, as requested. After they positioned the case for early mediation (and thus avoided all unnecessary legal fees), Russell proved himself to be a master of skilled and impassioned negotiation. He knows the Court system like no one else. The recalcitrant plaintiff was not amenable to settlement, but Russell was not deterred and suggested that he reach out at a later date which he did, achieving a remarkably favorable settlement that was substantially lower than anything we had offered or even considered offering at the mediation. Most importantly, all of the attorneys at Yankwitt are highly intelligent, dedicated, determined, creative and well skilled attorneys who understand the value of a client’s time, money and the need to create a positive outcome for all parties in order to effect a good settlement for their clients. The attorneys at Yankwitt are interested in solving problems, not creating or prolonging them. I cannot recommend them any more highly.

- Anonymous

Peachtree Settlement Funding has found Mr. Yankwitt and his firm to be effective advocates and communicators. Mr. Yankwitt does a thorough and excellent job and obtains results. Often he is able to obtain results without resorting to litigation after general demands and negotiations. Mr. Yankwitt is also an efficient attorney, and conscious of the costs of litigation, which he works to keep reasonable. Mr. Yankwitt and/or his associates and staff are available by telephone and email when needed and when a message must be left, the response is prompt, concise and on point. Mr. Yankwitt continues to provide excellent, efficient service to the company.

- Anonymous

I have worked with Russell Yankwitt both as a colleague and as his client. As someone who provides litigation support to attorneys, I have found Russell to be unique in not only his legal prowess, but just as importantly, in his sincere and refreshing concern for his clients’ outcomes. He consistently feels the need to keep his clients’ expectations realistic as to the prospects of their case. While we all know that attorneys have the responsibility of putting their client’s interests above their own; Russell Yankwitt understands and lives up to this responsibility! I know few individuals as competent in all respects of the legal profession.


Russell Yankwitt is a breath of fresh air! Myself, having personally dealt with numerous issues on a very high profile, costly and frustrating legal battle for 4 years with no end in sight, Russell came in with a fresh creative approach to try and create a win/win for all parties. As in most legal disputes he could have taken the attorney approach “let’s litigate this forever” however his approach was very different, creative, responsive and realistic evaluating the pro’s and con’s of this very complex case in four different jurisdictions. Mr. Yankwitt is, by far, the most dedicated, conscientious, creative, and cost-conscious attorney that either I or my family have ever used. I highly recommend Mr. Yankwitt and his team!

- D. Clive Metz