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Yankwitt LLP attorneys are seasoned litigators, aggressive trial lawyers and creative problem solvers, who are often brought in on the eve of trial by law firms throughout Westchester County and the New York metropolitan area to serve as a last minute trial team on their high-stakes cases. Our earned reputation as effective litigators and trial attorneys has made Yankwitt LLP the go-to law firm when clients are faced with a complex or bet-the-company trial.

Critical to our success as trial attorneys is the depth of our federal court experience: All of our Westchester-based attorneys are former federal prosecutors and/or law clerks, a combination rarely found outside New York City, and our attorneys regularly appear before the federal courts throughout the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York and the District of New Jersey. Additionally, all of our attorneys have worked for leading New York City or national law firms where they received unparalleled training as persuasive writers and compelling storytellers – critical skills for success before judge and jury.

Taking over a case for trial at the 11th hour requires a skill set beyond just good lawyering; it demands intense preparation at lightning speed to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the complex legal issues and factual nuances of the high-stakes dispute. The powerhouse trial attorneys at Yankwitt LLP have decades of experience trying cases and are especially proficient at hitting the ground running on the eve of trial and working with lead litigation counsel to provide seamless representation to our shared client. We believe in smart, lean staffing to maximize our clients’ outcome, while minimizing their legal spend. We strive to foster close attorney-client relationships founded in honesty, transparency, and open and frequent communication to minimize the angst that trials, no matter how they arise, often create.

Yankwitt LLP’s lawyers recognize that while no two clients and cases are the same, one thing remains constant – we strive to resolve their cases in the most cost-effective way that meets their goals, while tirelessly and aggressively advocating on their behalf.