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Yankwitt LLP’s Family Law Litigation practice applies the firm’s high-stakes, complex litigation experience to resolve disputes arising out of matrimonial and other intra-family proceedings. Highly regarded family law attorneys also frequently ask Yankwitt LLP attorneys to represent third parties who have been subpoenaed in connection with divorce proceedings. Our aggressive advocacy, creative problem solving, and persuasive writing are critical to the advantageous resolution of these emotionally charged and fact-intensive proceedings.

Because these related disputes are often brought in the state and federal courts outside of the matrimonial action, our clients benefit from Yankwitt LLP’s extensive depth of state and federal court experience. Our seasoned, highly trained attorneys are former law clerks and/or federal prosecutors, who regularly appear before both federal and state courts throughout New York and New Jersey. We know the local rules and judges and apply that knowledge to provide high-quality and cost-effective litigation services to our clients.

The attorneys at Yankwitt LLP are especially sensitive to the emotional complexities associated with these types of family disputes. Our attorneys care deeply about our clients and are always available to guide them through these difficult proceedings. Our goal is always to maximize our client’s desired outcome by providing personalized service and tailoring litigation strategies to their specific needs and goals.