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I was referred to Yankwitt LLP by five separate, experienced attorneys who believed Yankwitt LLP was the best firm to handle my employment related lawsuit. From the initial contact, the attorneys at Yankwitt were incredibly efficient, highly focused, direct and always on target. They laid out my options succinctly and clearly, and responded promptly and thoroughly via phone or email to any questions or concerns. They were always mindful of how expensive the legal process could be and made every effort to contain costs. I was kept fully informed as to the progress of the case without being burdened with endless details, as requested. After they positioned the case for early mediation (and thus avoided all unnecessary legal fees), Russell proved himself to be a master of skilled and impassioned negotiation. He knows the Court system like no one else. The recalcitrant plaintiff was not amenable to settlement, but Russell was not deterred and suggested that he reach out at a later date which he did, achieving a remarkably favorable settlement that was substantially lower than anything we had offered or even considered offering at the mediation. Most importantly, all of the attorneys at Yankwitt are highly intelligent, dedicated, determined, creative and well skilled attorneys who understand the value of a client’s time, money and the need to create a positive outcome for all parties in order to effect a good settlement for their clients. The attorneys at Yankwitt are interested in solving problems, not creating or prolonging them. I cannot recommend them any more highly.

- Anonymous

Peachtree Settlement Funding has found Mr. Yankwitt and his firm to be effective advocates and communicators. Mr. Yankwitt does a thorough and excellent job and obtains results. Often he is able to obtain results without resorting to litigation after general demands and negotiations. Mr. Yankwitt is also an efficient attorney, and conscious of the costs of litigation, which he works to keep reasonable. Mr. Yankwitt and/or his associates and staff are available by telephone and email when needed and when a message must be left, the response is prompt, concise and on point. Mr. Yankwitt continues to provide excellent, efficient service to the company.

- Anonymous

I have worked with Russell Yankwitt both as a colleague and as his client. As someone who provides litigation support to attorneys, I have found Russell to be unique in not only his legal prowess, but just as importantly, in his sincere and refreshing concern for his clients’ outcomes. He consistently feels the need to keep his clients’ expectations realistic as to the prospects of their case. While we all know that attorneys have the responsibility of putting their client’s interests above their own; Russell Yankwitt understands and lives up to this responsibility! I know few individuals as competent in all respects of the legal profession.


Russell Yankwitt is a breath of fresh air! Myself, having personally dealt with numerous issues on a very high profile, costly and frustrating legal battle for 4 years with no end in sight, Russell came in with a fresh creative approach to try and create a win/win for all parties. As in most legal disputes he could have taken the attorney approach “let’s litigate this forever” however his approach was very different, creative, responsive and realistic evaluating the pro’s and con’s of this very complex case in four different jurisdictions. Mr. Yankwitt is, by far, the most dedicated, conscientious, creative, and cost-conscious attorney that either I or my family have ever used. I highly recommend Mr. Yankwitt and his team!

- D. Clive Metz