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Yankwitt LLP Prevails on Motion to Dismiss for Lack of Personal Jurisdiction in Federal Court

Yankwitt LLP prevailed on a motion to dismiss for lack of personal jurisdiction in a case brought in the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey. The firm represented the managing member of a company that developed medical equipment, who was sued by a disgruntled member of the company in connection with the company’s sale of certain intellectual property assets.

Before Yankwitt LLP was retained, the plaintiff sued the defendant twice in California. Both of those cases were dismissed for lack of personal jurisdiction. Years later, the plaintiff, who lived in New Jersey, made a third attempt – filing the case alleging tortious interference with a contract in the District of New Jersey.

Yankwitt LLP moved to dismiss the complaint, arguing that even though the plaintiff lived in New Jersey, the defendant did not have sufficient contact with that state to support the exercise of personal jurisdiction. The court agreed and granted our motion to dismiss without prejudice. Subsequently, the plaintiff has amended his complaint, and Yankwitt LLP has again moved to dismiss the amended complaint for lack of personal jurisdiction. The motion to dismiss the amended complaint is pending.