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Yankwitt LLP Resolves Contentious Real Estate Dispute at Mediation

Yankwitt LLP successfully resolved a highly contentious residential real estate dispute at mediation, securing the return of a significant portion of the plaintiff’s substantial deposit on a New York City apartment.

The conflict arose when the plaintiff, who had entered into a purchase agreement contingent upon the approval of the co-op board, was rejected without explanation. Despite the contract stipulating that a board rejection would necessitate the return of the down payment, the defendant seller refused to comply, alleging that the plaintiff had misrepresented her financing plans—a claim that Yankwitt LLP decisively disproved.

After unsuccessful informal negotiations, Yankwitt LLP drafted and sent the seller an aggressive demand letter with a detailed complaint. The parties then agreed to a private mediation. During the mediation, the defendant’s counsel tried to exert settlement pressure by informing the Yankwitt LLP team that it had filed a complaint against Yankwitt LLP’s client earlier that day. Undaunted, Yankwitt LLP refused to back down at the negotiation table, securing a favorable settlement for its client that resolved all claims between the parties.

This outcome highlights Yankwitt LLP’s ability to resolve contentious disputes efficiently and effectively through its experience and skill at the mediation table.