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“Knock-Knock, I Know You’re in There”: Willful Unresponsiveness and the Imposition of Sanctions under FRCP Rule 37

Blog: The Westchester Litigator

To function effectively, our litigation system requires cooperation, communication, and good faith among parties and counsel. When those do not occur, the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure give the courts broad discretion to impose sanctions under Rule 37. What sanctions are appropriate when an attorney tries to comply with his […]

Arising from the Same Injury: Applying NY General Obligations Law § 15-108(a) in Multi-Litigation Situations

Blog: The Westchester Litigator

New York General Obligations Law § 15-108(a) (GOL 15-108) applies when a plaintiff alleges multiple defendants are liable for tortious conduct for the same injury, but one or more defendants settle, and the trial proceeds against the remaining defendants. GOL 15-108 dictates that the plaintiff’s total recovery at trial is […]