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Michael Reed Leads New WCBA Mentoring Circle Program

Yankwitt LLP attorney Michael Reed is leading a newly launched Westchester County Bar Association called Mentoring Circles, a professional development opportunity designed to support attorneys at all stages of their careers. The “circles” include a mix of seasoned and less experienced lawyers, who are willing to share their individual strengths and learn from circle members. The program currently has six circles, each with nine to 10 members. In addition to Michael, circle leaders include Lauren Abramson, Dolores Gebhardt, James Landau, Anastazia Sienty, and Wendy Weathers.

Unlike traditional mentoring, where an experienced practitioner/mentor is matched with a less experienced mentee, every circle participant serves both roles, depending on his/her particular skill set. The program provides members with a confidential forum in which to focus on law practice development and management skills, build professional relationships, expand referral networks, and engage in substantive discussions. It also can help attorneys who need assistance with legal work or who are looking to expand their business through case referrals. 

Every six months, the circles will reform.  New members will be incorporated, and existing members will be shuffled to different circles to continue the dynamic learning environment for all involved. If you are interested in participating, please contact Michael at [email protected].