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NYC Council Approves Amendment to the Human Rights Law to Include “Height and Weight” as Protected Under the Discrimination Statute

On May 11, 2023, the New York City Council approved Intro 209–A, a local law amending the New York City administrative code to include “height and weight” as protected characteristics under the Human Rights Law’s discrimination statute.  Key features of the amendment include:

  • Prohibiting discrimination based on one’s height or weight in employment, housing, and public accommodations.
    Creating an exemption for employers if: “a person’s height or weight could prevent performing the essential requisites of the job” when such criteria:

    • are required under federal, state or local law, or
    • are “reasonably necessary for the execution of the normal operations” of the business.
  • Providing an affirmative defense to those entities covered by the law and to whom the above exemptions do not apply if the action taken is based on a person’s height or weight is “reasonably necessary for its normal operations.”

The legislation is set to take effect 180 days after becoming law. The full text of the amendment can be found here.

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