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Proactive Through the Pause: Data and Technology-Related Tips

In Part Three of our series on proactive and practical steps that small businesses can take to improve business operations and productivity, Yankwitt LLP attorneys have several tips on updating and upgrading your technology and data-related processes during this slowdown. Making these small changes now can avoid unnecessary and expensive litigation when business returns to normal.

  • Retain a website compliance specialist to audit your website for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, and update it as needed to avoid being sued. There has been a flood of litigation in this area, and it hasĀ notĀ been friendly to businesses.
  • Ask your IT professional to conduct a data-security audit and upgrade as needed.
  • Update your employee data-privacy policies. Keep in mind that these vary widely by state so be particularly careful if you have employees in multiple locations.
  • Review your website terms of use and other policies. If you have click-through or similar agreements, consider updating them based on our guidance in the first installment of this series on contract improvement strategies.
  • Implement a retention policy for your electronic data.

The attorneys at Yankwitt LLP are here to support you now and in the future. While we may not be sitting in our offices at this time, we are all working and at the ready to assist you. You can reach us as you normally would via email and/or office phone.

Wishing everyone well!