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Yankwitt LLP Achieves Complete Defense Verdict for its Hospitality Client in Personal Injury Case Brought in Pennsylvania State Court

A Yankwitt LLP team led by Partner George (Chip) Godfrey secured the dismissal of all claims against Yankwitt LLP’s hospitality client in the mandatory arbitration division of the Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas in Delaware County. This remarkable outcome is extremely tough to achieve in personal injury arbitration cases, highlighting the strength of Yankwitt LLP’s defense strategy.

The case involved a member of the client’s Executive Club who sustained neck and back injuries after a trip and fall incident in the club. The plaintiff claimed that an uneven floor caused her to fall, a claim supported by her friend who witnessed the incident. However, a thorough inspection by casino staff found no hazards in the area.

Yankwitt LLP argued that the floor was not uneven and that, even if it had been, it did not pose a dangerous condition that would establish liability. The three-member arbitration panel in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, concurred with our argument, delivering a verdict in favor of the defense.