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Yankwitt LLP Achieves Favorable Resolution of Contract Action in S.D.N.Y.

Yankwitt LLP successfully resolved a breach of contract case in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York related to a services agreement between the firm’s billion-dollar retail and wholesale client and one of its service providers.

The provider alleged that it invoiced and was owed an additional $2.4 million beyond what our client had already paid. In response, the firm filed an answer with counterclaims, alleging the service provider had systematically overbilled our client. In January 2022, the parties engaged in mediation, which paved the way for aggressive settlement negotiations, culminating in a favorable settlement in which our client paid less than 10% of the original demand.

Yankwitt LLP’s successful settlement of this matter was made possible by our in-depth understanding of the background and facts of the case, which allowed us to effectively take the lead in negotiations.

Yankwitt LLP attorneys reviewed and analyzed hundreds of hours of video recordings, which revealed a dramatic mismatch between the amount the service provider had invoiced (i.e., the amount of work it purported to have done) and the amount of work the provider performed. Through subsequent zealous advocacy, Yankwitt LLP used the compelling results of this investigation to dominate at the settlement table and reach a fantastic outcome for the client.