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Yankwitt LLP Obtains Dismissal of Article 78 Proceeding with Prejudice on Behalf of City’s Board of Ethics

Yankwitt LLP successfully defended the City of Rye’s Board of Ethics against a lawsuit filed by certain members of the City of Rye Council under New York CPLR Article 78. The petitioners challenged an opinion issued by the board regarding actions by the council that contravened ethics provisions. The matter was significant because the board had acted properly, making the suit an affront to a properly functioning Board of Ethics and its members personally.

Yankwitt LLP defended the board against the lawsuit through substantive correspondence with the plaintiffs’ counsel and by preparing a motion to dismiss. Shortly after receiving Yankwitt LLP’s correspondence, the plaintiffs dismissed their own case with prejudice, and the Board of Ethics rightfully prevailed.

This favorable outcome vindicated Yankwitt LLP’s clients – the Board of Ethics’ volunteers – who were merely public servants trying to do the right thing.

With Lawsuit Dropped, The Board of Ethics Speaks