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Yankwitt LLP Settles Breach of Contract Dispute in Appellate Court Mediation

Yankwitt LLP favorably settled a breach of contract matter on behalf of a foreign company that retained Yankwitt LLP to appeal a significant judgment entered against it in federal court in the Southern District of New York. Shortly after Yankwitt LLP commenced the appeal, the parties were ordered to participate in CAMP, the Second Circuit’s mandatory mediation and settlement program.  Yankwitt LLP prepared for the mediation knowing that every opportunity to sit down with the opposing side is an opportunity to save our clients from further legal fees and stress, as well as eliminate the risk and uncertainty inherent in litigation.  Armed with the merits of our appeal and out-of-the-box ideas for bridging the gap between the parties, Yankwitt LLP negotiated a very significant discount off of the original judgment, as well as a favorable payment structure – an optimal resolution for our client.

Yankwitt LLP achieved this successful result for our client by treating the mandatory CAMP process as an opportunity and not just a formality, and by focusing on the client’s needs for an efficient and cost-effective resolution of the dispute.