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Yankwitt LLP Settles Case in Mediation for Pennies on the Dollar; Client Thrilled with Outcome

Yankwitt LLP successfully resolved a dispute at mediation on behalf of its insurance industry client, inking a settlement in which our client paid only pennies on the dollar.

The plaintiffs in the case owned an office building that faced construction delays as a result of the pandemic. They alleged fraudulent overcharging for insurance against the general contractor and added a claim of fraud against the contractor’s insurance broker.

In its written mediation and at the mediation itself, Yankwitt LLP effectively dismantled the plaintiffs’ claims by explaining the nuanced impact of the pandemic on insurance costs. The Yankwitt team persuasively argued against the legitimacy of the fraud claim, highlighting the absence of any deceptive practices on the part of their client.

Yankwitt LLP’s aggressive and well-crafted defense led to a favorable resolution early in the proceedings, minimizing both the financial and emotional toll on their client.