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Yankwitt LLP Settles Contract Dispute Between a Global Company and Its Vendor While Preserving an Amicable Business Relationship

Yankwitt LLP successfully represented a leading Fortune 100 company in a contract-based dispute with a vendor that performed testing and data collection for a critical product the company is developing.

The company retained Yankwitt LLP to recover damages it allegedly sustained, including significant delays, as a result of the vendor’s performance under a service agreement. Importantly, however, the provider is one of only a few in the country that performs the specialized testing the company needs for its product development. Thus, the company tasked Yankwitt LLP with engendering a resolution that would recoup its losses while preserving an amiable business partnership for the future.

After Yankwitt LLP sent an aggressive, detailed complaint and demand letter to the provider, the parties agreed to mediate the dispute, which ended with the client recovering close to 100% of the alleged damages without the need for costly discovery or motion practice.

In addition to compensation for its damages, the settlement preserved the relationship between the two companies, ensuring that the firm’s client would retain the partnership with its vendor.

Yankwitt LLP’s zealous advocacy, coupled with its emphasis on achieving clients’ business goals, equaled a win-win for the client.