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Yankwitt LLP Settles Plaintiff’s Case for an Excess of $1 Million on Eve of Trial

For the second time this summer, Yankwitt LLP settled a plaintiff’s case for more than a million dollars just days before trial. On behalf of residential building owners, Yankwitt LLP pursued claims in Westchester County Supreme Court, Commercial Division, against the defendant, the building manager, for breach of fiduciary duty and conversion, alleging embezzlement of funds.

Yankwitt LLP took over the case from another law firm at the end of discovery, got discovery reopened and obtained additional documents and testimony that impacted how the case was ultimately resolved. On the eve of trial with the firm prepared for court, the defendant settled, agreeing to pay the plaintiffs $1.237 million as part of a buyout and resolution of claims. The case is Trust of Violet Nelson v. Gerald Leibman, et al., 60763/2017 (West. Sup. Ct. Comm. Div.).