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Yankwitt LLP Wins Summary Judgment Motion and Dismissal of Complaint Against its Casino Client

Yankwitt LLP successfully moved for summary judgment to dismiss all claims against Golden Nugget Atlantic City, LLC, in a personal injury action brought in New Jersey Superior Court, Atlantic County. Plaintiff lacerated his hands when he ran his fingers along the bottom of a manual paper towel dispenser while intoxicated thinking the dispenser was automatic. In its motion, Yankwitt LLP argued Plaintiff had not proffered any evidence that the paper towel dispenser was dangerous or defective and Golden Nugget should not be held liable for Plaintiff’s own foolish behavior. On February 16, 2018, the Court agreed and granted the motion for summary judgment, finding Plaintiff had not satisfied his burden of establishing Golden Nugget breached its duty of care to him and, therefore, Plaintiff’s negligence claim must be dismissed.

The case is Vincent Harris v. Landry’s, Inc. d/b/a Golden Nugget Atlantic City, et al., (Docket No. ATL-L-1371-16).