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New York Law Journal Publishes Article Discussing the Comprehensive Insurance Disclosure Act

Firm News

The New York Law Journal has published the article, “Defendants Face Demanding Disclosure Requirements Under the Comprehensive Insurance Disclosure Act (CIDA),” written by Managing Partner Russell Yankwitt and associate Scott Wenzel. This insightful article outlines the new landscape of insurance disclosure requirements that defendants now face in litigations filed on […]

The Race to the Courthouse: Using the “First-to-File” Rule to Save Judicial Resources

Blog: The Westchester Litigator

For decades, the “first-to-file rule” has guided courts in determining the appropriate venue for litigation by creating a rebuttable presumption in favor of the first litigation filed where litigants file competing and substantially overlapping litigations in different jurisdictions. While the presumption can be rebutted in certain instances, the Southern District […]