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Yankwitt LLP Obtains Complete Defense Verdict at Arbitration and Then Wins Summary Judgment Motion Dismissing All Claims Against Casino Client

Yankwitt LLP successfully moved for summary judgment to dismiss all claims against its casino client brought in New Jersey Superior Court, Ocean County.  The plaintiff alleged he suffered gastrointestinal injuries after eating at one of the casino’s restaurants.  Yankwitt LLP’s deep dive into the plaintiff’s medical history, however, revealed that the plaintiff suffered from numerous health problems that caused the same symptoms as the alleged incident. 

Based on those records, the firm’s expert concluded that the plaintiff’s alleged injuries could not have been caused by anything he ate at the casino.  Armed with fact and expert discovery, Yankwitt LLP obtained a complete verdict at mandatory, non-binding arbitration and then immediately moved for summary judgment when the plaintiff requested a full trial. 

Yankwitt LLP argued that absent any expert or other evidence that the food had caused the plaintiff to fall ill, the casino should not be held liable for the plaintiff’s alleged injuries.  Upon review of the facts and our expert’s opinion, the court agreed and granted the motion for summary judgment in its entirety and dismissed all claims against our casino client with prejudice.