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Category: Blog: The Westchester Litigator

U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals Certifies Novel Questions to New York’s Highest Court: Does “Inherited-Jurisdiction Theory” Apply if Acquisition Falls Short of Merger?


The legal theory of inherited jurisdiction holds that when two companies merge, the successor corporation “inherits” the predecessor’s status for personal jurisdiction purposes.  Thus, if the predecessor was subject to jurisdiction in New York, so is the successor, irrespective of the successor’s contacts (or lack thereof) with the New York […]

Yankwitt LLP Obtains Complete Defense Verdict at Arbitration and Then Wins Summary Judgment Motion Dismissing All Claims Against Casino Client


Yankwitt LLP successfully moved for summary judgment to dismiss all claims against its casino client brought in New Jersey Superior Court, Ocean County.  The plaintiff alleged he suffered gastrointestinal injuries after eating at one of the casino’s restaurants.  Yankwitt LLP’s deep dive into the plaintiff’s medical history, however, revealed that […]