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NYC Council Approves Amendment to the Human Rights Law to Include “Height and Weight” as Protected Under the Discrimination Statute


On May 11, 2023, the New York City Council approved Intro 209–A, a local law amending the New York City administrative code to include “height and weight” as protected characteristics under the Human Rights Law’s discrimination statute.  Key features of the amendment include: Prohibiting discrimination based on one’s height or […]

U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals Certifies Novel Questions to New York’s Highest Court: Does “Inherited-Jurisdiction Theory” Apply if Acquisition Falls Short of Merger?


The legal theory of inherited jurisdiction holds that when two companies merge, the successor corporation “inherits” the predecessor’s status for personal jurisdiction purposes.  Thus, if the predecessor was subject to jurisdiction in New York, so is the successor, irrespective of the successor’s contacts (or lack thereof) with the New York […]